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Generator & UPS Maintenance & extended warranties

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Powercare - Maintenance Contract

Two routine service visits per year with emergency call out cover in normal working hours. Parts and consumables extra.
Our Price £P.O.A

Powercare 24 - Maintenance Contract

Two routine service visits per year with 24hr emergency call out cover included. Parts and consumables extra.
Our Price £P.O.A


The following schedule is a description of the services performed by our Power Management Technicians on standard 12 month agreements.


    1. Change lubricant oil
    2. Check oil Level
  1. Change oil filters
    1. Change oil filters
    2. Drain sediment trap
  2. Inspect air filters, change/clean if necessary, according to type, change disposable element every 24 months
  3. Check coolant and replenish with 50% antifreeze / 50% clean water solution if necessary
  4. Replace coolant filters
  5. Check condition/tension of all belts and guards adjust if necessary. (Adjust or change every 24 moths if necessary)
  6. Check all hoses and change if necessary
  7. Visually check engine/alternator coupling
  8. Check radiator matrix and remove debris (report if steam cleaning is required)
  9. Check all mechanical gauges for operation
  10. Check, clean and lubricate all linkages as required
  11. Check fire v alve visually
  12. Visually check fuel transfer pump, float switches etc. where possible
  13. Visually check fuel supply lines
  14. Check govenor lubricant and operation, drain and refill where applicable
  15. Visually check breather/crankcase for excessive blow by gas
  16. Check cooling air flow path visually
  17. check turbo chargers for leaks
  18. Check condition of exhaust system, drain any fluid where possible
  19. Check all anti-vibration mountings
  20. Check holding down bolts


  1. Check battery condition terminals and leads for security/corrosion
  2. Check starter motor operation
  3. Check battery-charging alternator for output
  4. Check type and operation of static battery charger
  5. Check emergency stop operation
  6. Check all meters, indicators switches etc
  7. Check condition of wiring loom
  8. Ensure inlet and outlet louvres are operating (where fitted)


  1. Visually check changeover switch/contractors
  2. Check all meters, switches, indicators etc.
  3. Visually check panel connections, insulation etc.
  4. Visually check bypass switch if fitted
  5. Visually inspect circuit breakers, trips ,isolation etc.
  6. Visually check synchronising equipment integrity, 'check synch' relays, reverse power relays etc.
  7. Visually check all relays
  8. Clean out all panels, terminal boxes etc.
  9. Check panel or canopy heater operation
  10. Adjust voltage and frequency if required


  1. Check that the machine is properly guarded around all moving parts
  2. Check that there are proper notice warning that the set can start automatically
  3. Check for oil, fuel etc. on the floor in proximity of the set
  4. Visually check that panels, terminal boxes etc. are properly secured
  5. Check that the area is uncluttered

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